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Boxcar - gated integrator [Misc]01/18/00
I need schematic of boxcar -gated integrator.Not too much complicated
Name: Dragan MI
Homepage: http://

Quartz Microballance [Buy]01/17/00
I'd like to purchase some quartz crystals that can be used to develop a quartz microballance system. The weight of what I want to measure is about 1 nanogram. E-mail me if you have or know where I can buy some crystals that are suitable for my needs.
Name: Tom MA
Homepage: http://

Analog VU Meter buffer for TAPE-OUT [Misc]01/17/00
I am looking for a simple circuit to interface a standard VU-meter to the tape-out of a Kenwood KR6600. Tape Out impedence = 3k, and 600 mV. Meter impedence unknown.
Name: Rick Blackburn CA
Homepage: http://

Vibration [Misc]01/17/00
When Vibration is a concern for your company, we can provide the solution for smooth operation and cost savings.
Name: Jim Biggs Texas
Homepage: http://vibra-tech.com

Test for grease and oil based substances [Misc]01/14/00
I have found a system for testing metal products (for example engine parts in a manufacturing process)for trace amounts of oil or grease based substances. So far they have used it very successflly in Ford and Volskwagen plants to test the efficiency of de-greasing of engine parts prior to assembly. I am now looking for an international company who can sell this technology world-wide. Any ideas?
Name: Jeff Silverberg Slovakia
Homepage: http://

Looking for dmx-512 light controller for PCs schematics and plans [Misc]01/14/00
Hello! Excuse me! I dont't speek very good english. A light controller is too expensive for me. I want to make one myself. But i've no plans. Can you help me. Send me a email sunier@eicn.ch). Thanks
Name: SunSun Switzerland

WTB Valor DC convertors PM9006 [Buy]01/13/00
Wanted to Buy Valor DC convertors PM9006 These are 5 Volt to 12 Volt DC Converters I need about 5 of these??
Name: JOhn Mc CA 90254
Homepage: http://www.whirled-routers.com

Senior Electrical Controls Engineer - Strengths PLC & SCADA [Misc]01/11/00
Looking for a full time position exploiting my skills and experience in electrical controls engineering. Heavy in PLC design and software. Most of the major manufacturers. Broad base of industrial experience. Have computer will travel! ....Rod Mackenzie
Name: Rod Mackenzie Canada
Homepage: http://

Building a walkie-talkie from scratch? [Misc]01/11/00
Does anybody happen to have plans for the construction of a set of simple walkie-talkies? I thought it would be an interesting project to tackle. Mark Christian
Name: Mark Christian Canada
Homepage: http://

Position: Electrical Product Engineer [Misc]01/11/00
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada Salary: $55-60,000 CDN plus benefits Requirements: Electrical Engineer with project management and design experience (automotive/electronic systems;ProEngineer (Pro-E) experience preferred;good Customer liaison experience & familiarity with product launches;able to manage all aspects of product engineering from inception to completion;responsible for project documentation, Customer files, ECN's; familiar with estimating/costing;strong communication, problem solving and time management skills;exposure to hi-volume manufacturing operations;5 years experience;Canadian citizen or landed immigrant status Gateway Management Consultants Tel: 905-571-3867 Fax: 905-571-7521 email: gwmc@home.com (MSWord format please)
Name: Gateway Management Consultants Toronto Canada
Homepage: http://

How to Build a more threatening Car Alarm. [Misc]01/11/00
Circuit wise, it's simple. It's just 555 timer running a frequency around 10Hz thats driving a power MOSFET. This is used to drive a high quality, high watt subwoofer. This just causes the car alarm to vibrate the ground, and the car in such away that, it's pretty scary around 150 actual watts RMS.
Name: James FL
Homepage: http://

PCB Manufacturer [Misc]01/10/00
We specialize in the manufacturing of printed circuit boards for the electronics industry. We manufacture, single sided, double sided and multilayer printed circuit boards to satisfy your needs of prototypes, pre - production, production. Our printed circuit boards can be found in medical equipment, data collectors, process controls and a variety of other electronics devices using electronics and printed circuit boards! We are an ISO certified, high tech manufacturer of printed circuit boards and our factory is located in Shenzhen, China. We (Capital Profit Development Ltd.) is dedicated to build defect free parts, on-time delivery, achieving highest yields, [ snip ]
Name: Keith Lam HONG KONG
Homepage: http://www.geocities.com/siliconvalley...

PCB Manufacturer [Sell]01/10/00
We are Taiwanese PCB manufacturers and producing professional high quality P.C.B. to customers worldwide. Also, we are producing Computer Mother Board for NEC, ACER, USI, PC-CHIP and FOXCONN, as well as other interface cards. We can produce multi-layers PCB with the ISO 9002 and 14000 certificates. If interested, please contact Eric Ng at platohk@ctimail.com or Tel: +852 26341188 Thankyou.
Name: Eric HongKong
Homepage: http://

job opportunity in Europe [Misc]01/08/00
Job opportunity for young electronic technician in Europe. We are a group of electronic artists based near Berlin, Germany that are offering a job for 2 months working on our new project to build electro-acoustic clothes. Salary + living accomodations in Berlin. Afterwards possibility in travelling to various international festivals in Europe and USA. Please visit our site at http://www.snafu.de/~maubrey/. Please send questions and applications to: maubrey@berlin.snafu.de. Sincerely Yours, Benoit Maubrey / Die Audio Gruppe Bahnhofstr. 47 14806 Baitz , Germany fax: ++49-33841-33121
Name: B. Maubrey Germany
Homepage: http://www.snafu.de/~maubrey/.

ultiboard V5.6 for sale [Sell]01/07/00
Anybody interested in a ULTIBOARD schematic capture + router, type Entry designer V5.6 (upgraded to about current version Challenger) ?? Perfectly capable of doing real professional layouts. Package includes hardware dongle, manuals, CD's etc......Brandnew (well.....almost anyway ! ;-) ). I am stopping a profitable hobby, so it must go out for an acceptable offer. It's a fully legal version, no cracks involved, so it can and may be used in an enterprise without any problem whatsoever. You can mail me directly if interested Remember : [ snip ]
Name: peter belgium
Homepage: http://

PADS PCB Layout Software [Buy]01/07/00
I am looking for an old copy of the PADS PCB layout software. Specifically, PowerPCB version 1.0 and PowerLogic version 1.6. I don't want to spend the time in learning a new version or the money for that matter. Thanks for the help!
Name: Doug Hauck ND
Homepage: http://

URGENT HELP NEEDED F8680 [Misc]01/07/00
We have a product based on the F8680 Single chip PC, formerly from Chips & Technologies, now from Intel. The part has been obsoleted in favor of the F8680A, which we have been recently informed is also about to be obsoleted. We are having a great deal of trouble converting our BIOS to the F8680A, and are not even able to find out what the required changes are. If you have any experince with this conversion, or have any leads as to where we could purchase additional F8680 parts, please contact me...we desperately need your help! Thanks, Rick Daniel Intelligent Instrumentation http://www.instrument.com rdaniel@instrument.com
Name: Rick Daniel Arizona
Homepage: http://www.instrument.com

Refrigerant/Freon Wanted [Sell]01/07/00
Will Buy your unused or recovered refrigerants R-12, R-502, R-113 and R-114. Nationwide Coverage.
Name: John GA
Homepage: http://

Need small coil formulae [Misc]01/06/00
I'd like to get a formula for making small coils. I have a digitizing pad with a CAD puck that has a coil for the position detection. If I can use a meter to find the inductance of the original coil I would like to wind a similar coil but using different dimensions, smaller diameter but height not critical. The original coil cannot be disassembled to count the turns or check gauge because it is emedded in plastic. Any other methods I should know? Thanks.
Name: Charlie Ross Canada
Homepage: http://

Buck-Boost switch capacitor DC/DC converter [Misc]01/06/00
Hi, I'm looking for Buck-Boost switch capacitor DC/DC converter for one LI-ION Cell. Required properties: 1) Vin (min) = 2.5V. Vin (max) = 4.1V. 2) Vout=3.3V. 3) Iout (max) = 200mA. 4) Efficiency as high as possible. 5) As small as possible. Thanks a lot Noam
Name: noam tziony Israel
Homepage: http://

Stock Control Software [Misc]01/04/00
Orbtech has just released a stock control system for general inventory and stock control use in the manufacturing environment. Stock Controller is a very simple and easy to use system for manufacturing companies with 5000 stock items or less. No complicated sales codes, pricing details or special alphanumeric stock codes need to be entered. Stock Controller has been developed by a former Production Controller of a Refrigeration Manufacturing Company. All you need is a PC with Windows 95/98 and at least 32MB RAM. For details contact Philip Harper at Orbtech on: (+44) 07967 878 029 or e-mail: psh@newhorizons27.freeserve.co.uk
Name: Philip Harper UK
Homepage: http://

Talented Free Thinkers Needed [Misc]01/04/00
Hickory, NC - DeHart Tooling Components, Inc.has announced the creation of up to 15 new positions as of January 1, 2000 to meet increased demand for their products and services. New positions will be available to experienced persons only due to the immediate demand for increased capacity. Applicants must be able to think and react independently be self-motivated and have a strong work ethic. THIS IS NOT A LARGE CORPORATE ENVIRONMENT !! THIS IS A PRIVATELY OWNED AND OPERATED BUSINESS IN WHICH THE OWNER IS VERY ACTIVE, VERY COMMITTED TO GROWING [ snip ]
Name: Anthony DeHart North Carolina
Homepage: http://

Failed 'Kenwood Chef' speed control [Misc]12/31/99
I am trying to repair a Kenwood food mixer speed control for a friend which I think is about 8-10 years old - although I could be wrong on the age. The model number label is missing but motor part no. is 24472 9N The capacitor and resistor associated with the thyristor have overheated and their values can't be identified. The thyristor is marked M 71713 & 7926. Can anyone give me the resistor and capacitor values and suggest where I can obtain all three components in the UK? Many thanks Alan
Name: alan uk
Homepage: http://

GTEK 9000 EPROM programmer software needed [Sell]12/30/99
Looking for Gtek 9000 software called PGMX. Anyone have this and can e-mail me a copy? I'll pay for it if I have too. The vendor is charging way too much for dated software. Thanks!!
Homepage: http://

TUBES AVAILABLE [Sell]12/27/99
TUBES AVAILABLE I currently have over 300,000 tubes in stock. Have a good selection of both new and used/tested tubes for audio, CB & HAM radio, TV, CRT use. Sorry I do not have a Web Site nor a price list. Suggest that you Email or Fax me with the tubes that you are looking for along with the quantify of each needed. I will check my inventory and advise you of current availability and cost. In addition, I also have a very good selection of tube testers, tube caddies and good used CB/HAM equipment. Please contact me regarding your needs. Thank you for your consideration. Richard Hale 902 Lothian Dr. Tallahassee, FL. 32312 RH3333@aol.com-Email 850 386-2729-Phone 850 386-2560-Fax
Homepage: http://

FS:800 AMP FUSES [Sell]12/27/99
NEW Gould Shawnut 'Amptrap' #A4BY800 Form 480--800 AMP fuses >>Extremely heavy duty<< Each fuse is a class L with interrupting rating 200,000 amps. These large amp fuses currenty have a retail price of over $300 each. Now is the time to stock up and save a lot of money-approximately 120 each available. Will sell individually or the entire lot.
Homepage: http://

Unimat DB200 drive belts [Buy]12/24/99
I am looking for the drive belts for a Unimat DB200 model makers lathe. I would appreciate any help regarding the size of these belts and where they can be obtained. Thanks Neal
Name: Neal Dawson USA
Homepage: http://

Sales Rep Needed [Misc]12/23/99
I am looking for an industrial sales rep(s) to help in Kentucky (central and western) and southern Ohio. Experience with lubricants, filtration, and solids/liquids separation is preferred. This is a commission only opportunity. Email: SWyr@aol.com
Name: Steve Wyrick Ohio, Kentucky
Homepage: http://

FREE Metalworking Ezine [Misc]12/22/99
Sign up to receive the monthly NEWS UPDATE ezine for information and tips about finding and purchasing custom components at http://www.bln.org/thegroup/buyer/register.htm You can locate quality contract metalworking service companies using The Metalworking Resource Group at http://www.bln.org/thegroup. Search the Buyers Guide by keyword, SIC, location, certification or industry served. From prototyping to precision machining, from design and engineering support to heat treating, plating and contract machining, you'll find a world of capabilities at The Metalworking Resource Group, http://www.bln.org/thegroup/.
Name: Jennifer Browning Indiana
Homepage: http://www.bln.org/thegroup/

Technical Products CHEAP [Sell]12/20/99
For solder, test equipment, tools and tool kits, esd products and more, contact HMC, your one-stop discount solution for all things electronic. Free delivery on most orders placed online for $100.00US and more. Toll free product and customer support hotline @ (800) 482-4440.
Name: Elaine Wilcox
Homepage: http://www.hubmaterial.com

Manual for Conar 251 Oscilloscope [Buy]12/20/99
I am in need of a manual for a CONAR model 251 oscilloscope. If you can help please contact me at kilgore@computerland.net
Name: Chris MO
Homepage: http://

great electronics [Sell]12/19/99
find all kids of electronics at great prices
Name: brad wy
Homepage: http://brad.vstoreelectronics.com/

Acu-Rite Dgital Readouts [Sell]12/19/99
I'm an indapendent dealer of Acu-Rite digital readouts. I have sold thousands and have install over 800 on all kinds of equipment. If your looking to buy ar need someone to install one please let me know. days 804-241-0185 nights 804-725-4629 Email josephinmatthew@webtv.net Joe Robichaud
Name: Joseph Robichaud VA USA
Homepage: http://

WANTED: Manual For ESI 2160 Video Bridge [Buy]12/16/99
>The subject line pretty much says it all. I picked up an ESI 2160 Video Bridge at an auction, and it appears to work, though I have no manual or documentation of any kind. It's operation is something less than intuitive. I contacted ESI, who indicated they sold the division that made this unit to an outfit called Tegam. I emailed Tegam, and was told that manuals are still available for this unit -- but at the cost of $114 dollars! This thing is pretty old. I'm hoping somebody out there has a copy of the manual they can part with. BTW, anyone have any idea what this thing might be worth? If you can help, please send me an email at pfriedr@azstarnet.com Thanks in advance.
Name: Pete Friedrichs AZ
Homepage: http://

General Radio Strobotac Reflector [Buy]12/15/99
Need either a reflector for a General Radio Model 1531-AB Strobotac or a complete dead unit I can buy cheap. Thanks---Jay
Name: Jay Arkansas
Homepage: http://

PREVIOUSLY USED ON HI-FI`S-RADIOS. NEW IN 1996 AT A COST OF TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND GREAT BRITISH POUNDS STERLING LINE 1 26 Pedal control stations - 40 in twin line - 300 pallets 480mm x 580mm LINE 2 23 Pedal control stations 20 in `s` shaped line - 150 pallets 480mm x 580mm Both lines complete with air connections-overhead lighting-electrical sockets (various voltages) Complete with all accessories Still in the factory. Can be seen running. Fantastic value at nearl;y quarter of original price SEVENTY THOUSAND GREAT BRITISH POUNDS o.n.o Photographs available
Name: Fred Holroyd U.K.
Homepage: http://

1/4 scale models(metal,home made) [Misc]12/12/99
Do any of you know where to find plans of 1/4 scale or smaller model tractors as a homeshop machinist I would like to try build something along those lines...or plans of construction equipment ; excavators or crawler tractors Any help would be great!!! e-mail kpatzer@home.com Thanks KORDELL
Name: Kordell canada
Homepage: http://

64 Pin LQFP Converter Socket Required [Misc]12/11/99
Do any one know anywhere that sells a 64pin LQFP to 64 Pin DIL converter. I can find lots of PQFP to DIL converter but no LPQFP to DIL converters. Any help will be greatfully recieved. Best Regards Andrew Dixon www.andrewdixon.co.uk
Name: Andrew Dixon UK
Homepage: http://www.andrewdixon.co.uk

WTD: Fluke 9010A Micro System Troubleshooter [Sell]12/11/99
The subject line says it all really. I'm after a working Fluke 9010A. Preferrably with 6502, 6809, Z80 and 8080 PODs. If you can help then let me know.
Name: Peter Scotland
Homepage: http://

pic busting [Misc]12/10/99
hi i can deprotect 12c508 pic chips do u need any busted
Name: sweeney scotland
Homepage: http://

Blank CD-R (CD Recordable) at the Cheapest Price [Sell]12/08/99
Please visit our web site at:- http://www.blankcdr.com CD-R (CD Recordable) for data and multimedia storage, 650MB, 74mins, Silver/Silver, Silver/Blue at the cheapest price ever!!! - secured on-line purchase available, credit card accepted - if you're serious importers and distributors, please make an inquiry indicated required quantity to:- bongotd@mailcity.com Best regards, BlankCDR.com http://www.blankcdr.com
Name: Suwanna Thailand
Homepage: http://www.blankcdr.com

Gasoline fired lead melting furnace [Buy]12/07/99
Hi all: I am looking to buy a new or used gasoline fired lead melting furnace of the kind used by plumbers some years ago. If you have or know where I can buy one please let me know via e-mail. Thanks- Ron
Name: Ron Colonna PA
Homepage: http://

Large nonpolarized capacitors [Buy]12/07/99
Am interested in large (.1 Farad or over) non-plarized capacitors with high current capabilities and not limited to a few million charge-discharge cycles. Any ideas? Thanks, Carlos Maurer
Name: Carlos Maurer Mexico
Homepage: http://

Mechanical Design Engineer [Misc]12/06/99
Job opportunity in Wyoming for a Mechanical Design Engineer with sheet metal and welding fabrication experience. can work with customers, Bill Of Materials, Routing and can integrate with electrical controls such as temperature or moisture. Contact Jan at 405-722-2288, fax 405-722-7332, or email jdl@nsnw.net 40-60k, good benefits and company.
Name: Jan Latimer Oklahoma
Homepage: http://

Welder Training [Sell]12/06/99
Please reply for details on our welding courses. We have a new welder training centre in the midlands offering courses to suit beginners and experienced welders. Testing facilities include current British and European qualifications. HVCA, CAA, ASME 1X. Send your enquiries to weldtrain@FSBDial.co.uk
Name: Stuart Perry England
Homepage: http://

Welding Books for Sale [Sell]12/04/99
I have a number of welding reference books on eBay at the moment. An example link is below, go to and then review sellers other auctions. These were my father's - he was a welder on the Penna. Railroad during the 1930s-50s. These are older books but may be of interest. A regular reader of these boards suggested this posting. Thank you http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?...
Name: Dale Kaukeinen DE
Homepage: http://

International Conference on Manufacturing Engineering 2000 [Misc]12/03/99
Press Release - ICME 2000 - November 1999 ARE YOU UP TO DATE WITH WORLD TRENDS IN MANUFACTURING ?? IF NOT WHY NOT ???? ICME 2000 will open a window onto the latest manufacturing concepts and bring together scientific research and development activities with the practical application and experiences of the manufacturing industry. The 8th International Conference on Manufacturing Engineering continues the long tradition of previous ICME events in Australia. ... snip ...
Name: Ken Chapman Victoria - Australia
Homepage: http://www.eck.net.au/~rhbrown/

Free 30 day use of Piping Design and Pump Selection Software [Misc]12/01/99
New Windows 95/98/NT versions of HYDROFLO (pump station and piping system design) and PumpBase (advanced pump selection) are available from Tahoe Design Software - meeting the needs of piping, hydraulic, civil, industrial and mechanical engineers world-wide. Free 30 day trial versions of HYDROFLO for fluid conveyance system design and PumpBase for pump specification/selection from 40+ pump manufacturers are available for download at: http://www.tahoesoft.com/ ... snip ...
Name: Tahoe Design Software California
Homepage: http://www.tahoesoft.com/

Looking for Heathkit SB-SERIES ham radio gear. Also am interested in nonoperating Ham Radio gear. [Buy]11/30/99
Contact via E-Mail danos@aztec.asu.edu
Name: dan arizona
Homepage: http://

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