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Main Page of Trading Board D - used machinery/ equipment for other industry

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Some Notes:

  • This board is for other industry, like process industry, plastics industry, etc.... There are two similar used machinery/equipment trading boards in our site: Trading Board B is for the metalworking industry, and Trading Board C is for the electrical manufacturing industry. Please post your messages under the right category. Don't post same messages to multiple boards.
  • Please post your new message in the current board but not the archives.
  • In the archives you still could post followups and make contribution to the knowledge base.
  • When you post a follow-up, our system will automatically send a notification to the person you reply to. Your follow-up, therefore, will not be missed, even if you post it long after the original message was posted.
  • There are a lot of messages in this board. You are suggested to use our Site Search to find those topics interesting you and save your time.

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