Link Exchange Rules:
  1. We will keep an active link to your site alive as long as a link to IndustryCommunity is active on your site. (we monitor links regularly)
  2. We must be able to find our link from your home page with minimal difficulty. Linking page can be no more than 1 click from main page.
  3. Your site must have a Google PR (Page Rank) of 2 or higher on your linking page. Check your PR Here.
  4. If all your inner pages and front page have no PR (or less than 2), you must add our link to your front page.
  5. We do not support "Link Farms" or sites that have more than 30 outgoing links on the same page.
  6. Your reciprocal link back must not reside in a framed page or image map.
  7. We only exchange links with industrial, manufacturing, or engineering related websites.
  8. You should have your own domain - we normally do not link to free sites like geocities, angelfire, aol, etc.