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Richard Nay

Message Board: Metal Corrosion Prevention Forum

1. Full Name: Richard Nay

2. E-mail: vannay@megsinet.net

3. Phone: 1-847-931-7899

4. Fax: 1-847-932-9419

5. Address: 389 Sundown Rd S. Elgin Il 60118

6. Organization: Vannay LLC

7. Name of Website: Vannay LLC

8. URL of Website: www.vannay.com

9. Experience/Expertise:
   CEO of Vannay the company that invented a product and received a 
   US Patent for prevention of dissimilar metal corrosion/electrolysis. 
   We have solved the enormous problem of aluminum and steel corroding 
   when they are bolted together.

   Patient # 5,744,197 prevention of dissimilar metal corrosion

11.Forum Title: Metal Corrosion Prevention Forum

12.Brief Description of Forum:
   Metal corrosion destroys millions of dollars in products. There 
   are different types of corrosion and also different solutions to 
   them. This forum is open to anyone who wants to share information 
   about metal corrosion.

13.Welcome Message to Our Friends:
   Welcome! This forum will discuss the problem that all of us face - 
   corrosion of metals. Metal corrosion destroys most of the products 
   that we own and see. Home, business, building, transportation, 
   manufacturing, all suffer the effects of corrosion. How can it be 
   prevented? What does research or testing show us. What are the possible 
   solutions? Why does your childs swingset corrode? Can your car or 
   truck last longer? Can products be manufactured to not corrode?
   Is your boat going to fall apart? If so, lets talk.  

   Richard Nay
   CEO Vannay LLC