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Michael Antonich

Message Board: EDM Forum

1. Full Name: Michael Antonich

2. E-mail: info@southtechedm.com

3. Phone: 214-221-4399

4. Fax: 214-221-4337

5. Address: 11080 grader st. dallas texas

6. Organization: southtech industries

7. Name of Website: 

8. URL of Website: www.southtechedm.com

9. Experience/Expertise:


11.Forum Title: EDM Forum

12.Brief Description of Forum:
   supplies and technical information for the edm industry

13.Welcome Message to Our Friends:
   i have worked for several years in the production of electrodes
   for the edm process. well versed in graphite choices for particular
   applications. able to provide application information
   thank you for choosing this site. i would like to help you in any
   way to acquire supplies or information regarding edm