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Duane Sherman

Message Board: Design & Manufacture Forum

1. Full Name: Duane Sherman

2. E-mail: dmachine@edgenet.net

3. Phone:

4. Fax:

5. Address: RI

6. Organization: Design Machine

7. Name of Website:

8. URL of Website:

9. Experience/Expertise: 

   We design and build tooling, assembly and testing jig's & fixture's,
   as well as fabricated assembly cart's and fixture's for larger
   product's, for company's as large as A.P.C., or individuals that 
   need a one time unit to get the job done. Although some job's are
   easyer than other's, each job is unique and just as important as 
   the next. All unit's are hand made with pride, and don't leave our
   shop until they work the way they should.


11.Forum Title: Design & Manufacture Forum

12.Brief Description of Forum:

   The Design & Manufacture Forum is for designing and building prototype
   tooling, testing equipment, etc., in an R&D machine shop.

13.Welcome Message to Our Friends: 

   Welcome to the Design & Manufacture Forum. Please feel free to ask
   or answer any question's you may have or wish to know about. You may
   also announce new or unheard of material's here, such as exotic metal's
   and plastic's that may be used for machining and building jig's and
   fixture's. You may also warn people about bad experience's you may
   have had with any material's or company's so they don't go through
   the same thing. If your about to buy something new you may ask our
   reader's about the product or company as well.