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David Pye

Message Board: Understanding Heat Treatment for Non Heattreaters Forum

1. Full Name: David Pye

2. E-mail: pyemet@toolcity.net

3. Phone: 814 337 0194

4. Fax: 814 337 5939

5. Address: 552 Cole Drive, Meadville Pa 16335

6. Organization: Pye Metallurgical Consulting Inc

7. Name of Website:

8. URL of Website: www.pyemet.com

9. Experience/Expertise: 

   Our expertise is based upon 43 years of experiance in the field of 
   ferrous and non ferrous heat treatment in both captive and commercial
   heat treatment shops, set up of metallurgical laboratories, R and D
   work into product and processes, as well as 15 years in heat treatment
   furnaces. We are an inplant education company in the field of heat
   treatment as well as metallurgical consultants. We are also a primary
   furnace and laboratory equipment supplier


   Pulsed plasma Nitriding of Stainless Steels,
   Pulsed Plasma Carburizing in Conjunction with High Pressure Gas
   Quenching using Helium and Nitrogen Mixtures,Undestanding Nitriding
   notes. TRwo chapters in The steel heat treatment Handook ( one omn
   Nitriding and one co-autored on furnace equipment) one chapter on
   Pulsed Plasma Nitriding in the book SDurface Technologies VI.  
   Papers on extrusion die heat treatment technology. Papers on 
   nitriding of extrusion dies in Aluminum 2000 International Conference.
   Surface Treatment of Steels at Extrsion Technology 6 International
   Conference. Instructor for ASM, Instructor for ASM, Instructor 
   for SME, Instructor for HTN.

11.Forum Title: Understanding Heat Treatment for Non Heattreaters Forum

12.Brief Description of Forum:

   Ferrous and Non Ferrous material heattreatment and equipment related
   problem discussion and solving.

13.Welcome Message to Our Friends: 

   This a page to further and share your expertise with other people
   in the same or related fields, and to help with a better industrial
   understanding of process metallurgy as it relates to engineering