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Brett Maynard

Message Board: Lubrication Technology Forum

1. Full Name: Brett Maynard

2. E-mail: maynardtechnologies1@home.com

3. Phone: 1-905-819-8332

4. Fax:

5. Address: 

6. Organization: Maynard Technologies

7. Name of Website: Maynard Technologies

8. URL of Website: http://www.maynardtechnologies.com/

9. Experience/Expertise:
   Background in chemical engineering, Society of Tribologists and
   Lubrication Engineers Certified Lubrication Specialist, 15 years
   experience in technical aspects of petrochemicals and polymers 
   for coatings and lubricants. Educated in lubrication by Mobil
   and the Mobil Technology Company.
   My field experience has allowed me to become familiar with the
   lubrication requirements of all types of industry. 

   Fundamentals of lubrication
   Oil analysis interpretation
   Lubrication cost/benefit analysis

11.Forum Title: Lubrication Technology Forum

12.Brief Description of Forum:
   A forum to promote knowledge of lubricants and lubrication.
   Increase environmental awareness in the use of lubricants. 
   Provide information on cost effective and environmentally
   friendly lubrication programs.

13.Welcome Message to Our Friends:
   Welcome to the lubrication technology forum. Lubrication is an
   often over looked aspect of plant, marine and equipment operations.
   The cost of lubricants is small in comparison to a total
   maintenance budget. For this reason and the hectic pace of today's
   business world, most operations are not able to stay up to date on
   lubrication technology.  

   The improper use of and selection of lubricants does have a major
   impact on maintenance costs. In this forum I look forward to
   discussing ways of reducing down time, reducing lubricant usage,
   how to select the right lubricant, environmental awareness and
   reducing the cost of operations. 

   Brett Maynard