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Anderson Costa

Message Board: Eletromechanics projects & Transmission Lines Forum

1. Full Name: Costa, Anderson

2. E-mail: edf@osite.com.br

3. Phone: 55 011 56772069

4. Fax: 55 011 55685109

5. Address: Rua Itapecerica da serra, 257 Cep: 04404-060
            Sao Paulo - Brasil

6. Organization: EPTE - Empresa Paulista de Transmissao de Energia

7. Name of Website:

8. URL of Website:

9. Experience/Expertise:
   Well I work in project of trasmission lines about fiften years 
   and have experience in foundations and eletromechanical projects
   tansmission lines and I `m member of CIGRE group GT-08  (Brasil) 
   were we`re discutions aspects thecnics about stell towers of 
   trasmission lines. In foudation of transmission lines I `ve know 
   about geothecnics parameters necessaryies at elaboration foudation 
   projects. In steel Towers my experience is based in detaily and 
   dimensionaly  of stell projects


11.Forum Title: Eletromechanics projects & Transmission Lines Forum

12.Brief Description of Forum:
   discuss works around the world about projects of the transmission 
   lines, eletromagnetics fields, estimate foundations of the towers, 
   projects and metods for estimate stell structure of tranmission lines

13.Welcome Message to Our Friends:
   Hi my frinds that work in projects or construction (lonely or in 
   company) of the transmission lines. I`m wanted peoples at change 
   experience about this theme. I`m my country after privatizations the 
   companies principally in big cities, for examples Rio de janeiro, 
   Sao Paulo,  etc. is having big seek at news thecnologies, products 
   etc.  If you have informations or products about this, please, write