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Dip Coating Machine [Buy]01/12/00
Our company "IRSET-Center" wants to buy used equipment for conformal coating of printed circuit boards to withstand harsch environmental conditions. The model DC 2002 DIP Coater (the maker Concoat Ltd, UK) seems appropriate. Anyway processing capability should be not less than 500 boards per hour
Name: Lev Frolov Russia
Homepage: http://

Panasonic MV2F SMD Nozzle RSS(1.4*0.8)for sale [Sell]01/11/00
Good quality and long life Nozzles. Please state amount and the price offers.
Name: Hasan Bilge Canada
Homepage: http://

Lacquer coating machine for PCB [Buy]01/11/00
I am interested in purchasing a used lacquer coating machine for PCB manufacuring. Board dimensions less than 150 x 150 mm. Throughput more than 4 boards per minute.
Name: Lev Frolov Russia
Homepage: http://

Panduit Electric Flywheel Press [Sell]01/07/00
Panduit CP-861 used in excellent condition for sale. Please contact John M. Banks Phone #858/578-8710 Fax:858/578-5071. System Consist Of: Cp-861 Electric Flywheel Press Ca-800 Applicator Crimping Die Set PAN-TERM Terminals OR Disconnects Unit.
Name: John M. Banks CA
Homepage: http://

Used SMT / AI Machines For Sale [Sell]01/03/00
We are a Used SMT/AI equipment Sales Office in Asia, we also can provide machine reconidtion, refurbished, after sales service, machine installation & training. Now, we have the following machines for sale : 1. Panasert AVK 2. Fuji CP4-3 3. Fuji CP4-2 4. Panasert MVII 5. Fuji MCS 30 Controller Please feel free to contact us if you are looking for any Machines. Tel : (852) 2690 1764 Fax : (852) 2690 2064
Name: David HK
Homepage: http://

Looking for Used Machines (Please Check!!) [Buy]01/03/00
We are looking for the following used machines : 1. Panasert MPA40/80 or MPAIII 2. Panasert MKIIC / MKIIF 3. Fuji CPIII x 3 sets 4. Panasert MVIIC 5. Fuji MCS 16B Controller 6. Jumper Wire Inserter x 4, Radial Inserter x 2 Please quote us the machine price & configuration & condition. Also, if you have any other machine, please feel free contact us. Tel : (852) 2690 1764 Fax : (852) 2690 2064
Name: David Hong Kong
Homepage: http://

wavesolder wanted [Buy]01/02/00
220 vac, single phase, single wave. Will concider all. BZ Products 314-644-2490
Name: Frank Lewon St.Louis MO

Medium/High volume SMT equipments for sale [Sell]12/30/99
We are N1 worldwide specialized in leasing electronics production equipments to the market. By a matter of fact, we get back those machines at end of lease, fully refurbish them and propose them back to customers for lease or sale. If you are looking for SMT (Dek, MPM, Fuji, Panasonic, Universal) or FAB/SEMI/ATE equipments, feel free to contact us.
Name: Garcia USA & Europe

Used Equipment [Sell]12/28/99
Quality reconditioners of used printed circuit board assembly equipment. Years of experience. Through hole and surface mount. phone: 607-785-6647 fax: 607-785-7263
Name: Advanced Automation New York

Surplus equipment [Buy]12/27/99
If you have surplus equipment, contact me for quick response.
Name: ATC / Mike Hong District or Columbia
Homepage: http://

Machine buying(Thru-hole, SMT) [Sell]12/26/99
We are buying Dynapert VCD-G/F,UCSM-C/G machines also Fuji, Panasonic, SMT machines. Also Sanyo TCM-1100/1500/1600 machines. Regards,
Name: Charlie Korea
Homepage: http://

buy for RH/RH6/RHU [Buy]12/25/99
Name: c.s,lee seoul, korea
Homepage: http://

thru hole and smt machines good prices good machines [Sell]12/24/99
30 yrs experience
Name: robert usa

TDK VCD FOR SALE [Sell]12/23/99
Name: luca ITALY
Homepage: http://

Quality Used & Rebuilt SMT & PTH Equipment supplier [Sell]12/23/99
We are an international supplier of Quality Used & Rebuilt SMT & PTH equipment. Tekmart supply's: FUJI UNIVERSAL / DYNAPERT TDK PANASONIC AMISTAR / JUKI PHILLIPS SIEMENS QUAD KME Tekmart also supply's Feeders, Nozzle's and Spare Parts for equipment. Please use our website to assist you in finding equipment or to dispose of surplus equipment or for a trade-in quote.
Name: Jason Robotham, Tekmart Canada

Enviromental Test Chamber [Sell]12/18/99
Associated Enviromental Test Systems dual chamber enviromental test unit. Heat chamber to +200 deg C. Cool chamber -40 to + 200 deg C. Programmable, stainless chambers, aerospace surplus, nice condition. Replacement cost $ 30,000.00. Price loaded on your truck.... $ 1,250.00.
Name: Claude Martin Arizona
Homepage: http://

Cam Timers [Buy]12/16/99
Looking for Cam Timers with Adjustable cams Slow speed around 1-5 rpm. Drive motor can be 12,24,36 VDC or 240 VAC
Name: Phil Australia
Homepage: http://

General Radio Stroboscope Reflector [Buy]12/15/99
Need either a reflector for a General Radio Strobotac Model 1531-AB or a complete dead unit I can buy cheap. Thanks---Jay
Name: Jay Arkansas
Homepage: http://

PREVIOUSLY USED ON HI-FI`S-RADIOS. NEW IN 1996 AT A COST OF TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND GREAT BRITISH POUNDS STERLING LINE 1- 26 Pedal control stations - 40 in twin line - 300 pallets 480mm x 580mm LINE 2- 23 Pedal control stations 20 in `s` shaped line - 150 pallets 480mm x 580mm Both lines complete with air connections-overhead lighting-electrical sockets (various voltages) Complete with all accessories Still in the factory. Can be seen running. Fantastic value at nearl;y quarter of original price SEVENTY THOUSAND GREAT BRITISH POUNDS o.n.o Photographs available
Name: Fred Holroyd U.K.
Homepage: http://

WTD : Fluke 9010A Micro System Troubleshooter [Sell]12/11/99
The subject line says it all really. I'm after a working Fluke 9010A. Preferrably with 6502, 6809, Z80 and 8080 PODs. If you can help then let me know.
Name: Peter Scotland
Homepage: http://

Wanted: Software for AR-9800 and AR-9810 EPROM programmers from American Reliance [Buy]12/09/99
I am searching for the DOS software for the American Reliance AR-9800 and AR-9810 EPROM Programmers. I have spoken with American Reliance, and thy only have the software for the 9820 available -- they cannot find any 9800 or 9810 software for their older programmers. The 9820 software is specific to the 9820 and does not work with the 9810 and 9800 units. If anyone has one of these programmers or, at least, the software for one of them, please let me know! Thank you! - John...
Name: John Goggan Michigan
Homepage: http://

Urgent Need Wavetel/Rockland 5830A Manual [Sell]12/09/99
Hi, I have an urgent need for the above manual. I am willing to pay for a copy. Please get back to me if you have one. Regards, Martin Plourde (514) 326-5261
Name: Martin Plourde Canada

Used Electronics Equipment for Sale [Sell]12/08/99
LAM 490 Autoetcher, ALCATEL GIR 2200, FSI, EATON NOVA 2200 Ion Implanter, BALZERS BAK600 Box Coater (x2, APT Wet Processor, POLARON Evaporator, COBALT Aligner, DYNAPERT MPS 2500 Location: UK
Name: Christine Danielou England

Large nonpolarized capacitors. [Buy]12/06/99
Am interested in large (.1 Farad or over) non-plarized capacitors with high current capabilities and not limited to a few million charge-discharge cycles. Any ideas? Thanks, Carlos Maurer
Name: Carlos Maurer Mexico
Homepage: http://

ISA Graphics Card [Buy]12/05/99
Anybody know where i can buy a standard ISA graphics card from. Nothing special, just 1Mb memory. Cirus cards have proved troublesome.
Name: Paul Chorley United KIngdom
Homepage: http://

GE Fanuc Genius I/O Hand Held Monitor GE PLC [Sell]12/02/99
Forsale: GE Fanuc Genius I/O Hand Held Monitor GE PLC Used it ONCE...can be seen here: Broke my heart to sell that Mitsubishi CPU for only $25.00...SOMEONE got a DEAL!
Name: Chris Elston Huntington, IN

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