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Small transformers & Coil winding [Announce]01/16/00
Mains transformers, 10 VA to 5 KVA, single or 3-phase to your specification. Coil winding service
Name: ISOMATIC Lab web home UK

Custom Input Device Manufacture [Looking_for]01/13/00
DS International, Inc. has specialized in custom keyboards and keypads for over 10 years. We have the ability to offer you all the steps in designing a keyboard. Phone 602-548-7003 Fax 602-548-7004
Name: Brendan Ching AZ

Manufacturing of PCBs [Announce]01/10/00
We specialize in the manufacturing of printed circuit boards for the electronics industry. We manufacture, single sided, double sided and multilayer printed circuit boards to satisfy your needs of prototypes, pre - production, production. Our printed circuit boards can be found in medical equipment, data collectors, process controls and a variety of other electronics devices using electronics and printed circuit boards! We are an ISO certified, high tech manufacturer of printed circuit boards and our factory is located in Shenzhen, China. [ snip ]
Name: Keith Lam HONG KONG

New Globally focus 12Volt products web database [Announce]01/10/00
We are just about to announce a global web database containing, hopefully, all products that run on or generate 12Volts. This is a new initiative to help manufacturers, distributors or retailers increase their sales at minimum marketing cost and effort.The market is both massive horizontally (most of the worlds spending population) as well as vertically (auto, marine, aeronautical, hobbies, sport, eco-friendly, medical). The first 100 companies who join will have 1 months service at no charge. For more information, please contact us. our new hompeage will be, which is in final test at the moment. best regards Martin Principal Consultant +44-1449-781001
Name: Martin Yates UK

ACB, ATS, SF6 Gas switch, Cutout switch and Epoxy Insulators [Misc]01/09/00
we specialize in manufacturing and exporting air circuit breaker, auto transfer switch, sf6 gas switch, cutout switch, load break switch and epoxy insulator& smc/bmc molded products.
Name: Mr. H.W.Yang Republic of Korea

Packaging industry [Announce]12/28/99
We are italian manufacturers of packaging machines: palletizers, depalletizers, wrap around, strechwrapper, etc... Informations:
Name: Francesco Lattarulo ITALY
Homepage: http://

Need Keyboards [Looking_for]12/16/99
Hi looking for a MFR for computer keyboards. I wan't to create a keyboard of my brand. I have a new idea patented and looking for someone to help out. any thoughts?
Name: Bill McCoy Illinois

Hardware needed [Looking_for]12/13/99
Looking for large qty of sound cards, RAM, HD, CD-ROM, CDR etc.
Name: Appi NL
Homepage: http://

We are a service industry for all general engineering;- presstool manufactures, plastic mould and die cast mould makers, special purpose machine tool manufactures and Aerospace components. [Announce]12/13/99
We are a service industry for all general engineering;- presstool manufactures, plastic mould and die cast mould makers, special purpose machine tool manufactures and Aerospace components.
Name: Jig Boring Services West Midlands - UK

Dry transformer contract manufacturing [Announce]12/12/99
We can manufacture dry transformers, 10 VA to 25 KVA, single- or 3-phase, 50 or 60 Hz, to your specs.
Name: unitrafad Bulgaria
Homepage: http://

Homepage: http://WWW.THH-ELECTRIC.COM.TW

electrical pvc insulating tape [Looking_for]12/03/99
poly diffusion 141 rue tadla bouchentouf casablanca morocco . tél : 212 2 80 34 90            fax : 212 2 83 60 57 e-mail : dear sirs : we are asking for manufacturers/ exporters of electrical pvc insulating tape with regards
Name: hachmi aamoum casablanca / morocco
Homepage: http://not avaiable

Electronic Boards assembly [Announce]12/01/99
E.G.S. from 1978 mounts and tests all kind of electronic boards. Nowadays we can produce SMT boards and we can make tests like burn in, functional and in-circuit tests. If you are interested in our service contact me. Claudio Carnevali
Name: E.G.S.Electronic Systems Italy

Universal programmer (new or second hand) [Misc]11/20/99
I am looking to buy universal programmer new or used. Please contact me on email digital@eunet.yu Thank you
Name: Vladan Stojiljkovic Yugoslavia
Homepage: http://

NEW! The electromagnetic scanner-detector of defects "Complex-2" efficiently detect evolving and being conceived defects, for example, impurital inclusions (slag and others), entirety infractions (pores, cracks and others), dangerous changing of a structure of metal (stress-corrosion, domains of the remaining thermoplastic deformation etc.) in engineering designs made of low-alloyed or low-carbon steel. The method used in these instruments is based on the dependency of magnetic characteristics of metals from mechanical stresses in them that in the field of the berth or of the presence of defects is accompanied by the effect of concentration of mechanical stresses. Best regards! Institute "DIMENStest" St.-Petersburg, Russia
Name: Valentin S. Zhukov St.-Petersburg, Russia

Film capacitors [Announce]11/10/99
Dear messrs. we mainly produce film capacitors for Monitor, T.V. Audio.....etc in Korea. Main products are as following. 1. Metallized polyester film capacitor (MPE) 2. Metallized polypropylene film capacitor (MPP) 3. Polypropylene film capacitor(NPP/NPPS) 4. Metallized polyphenylene-sulphide film capacitor(MPPS) 5. Polyester film capacitor(Mylar) Pls contact us for full detailed information. SungHo Electronics Corp(Toronto Branch) 34, Wiley Ave, Toronto, Ontario M4J 3W4, Canada Tel : 1-416-778-7401 Fax : 1-416-778-4404 E-mail :,
Name: Bomsik Ham Korea

I need microprocessor for 8 bit pcb board. [Looking_for]11/09/99
PCB BOARD:SY9644 SY9646 SY9610 SY9611 SY9620 SY9621 SY9641
Name: li ming li tianjin china
Homepage: http://

search remote control transmitter using TV,video [Looking_for]11/07/99
hi.. i have searched tv transmitter ic one thing that have a ic is pt2222 (ptc co.) so i want another remote control using TV please give me data or home page.. good luck
Name: yoon byoung yi korea
Homepage: http://

MAX1480ACPI - URGENT!!! [Looking_for]11/04/99
Dear Sirs, we do need URGENTLY only 100 pcs jf MAX1480ACPI. Does anibody have it ex stock??? We have to receive it till the end of November. Thanks in advance, Serguei Vetrov +007 095 973 1776 +007 095 973 1629 REC Ltd.
Name: Serguei Vetrov RU
Homepage: http://

small smps [Looking_for]11/02/99
I'm looking for a small smps (non-isolated output) with following specs: input 36 - 72VDC, output 5V/300mA. Maximum price : 3$/piece. Estimated year volume : 25000pieces.
Name: stefaan vanheesbeke Belgium

SIC #3823 [Looking_for]10/31/99
Sausalito Ventures, Inc. is currently seeking manufacturers for a new, patented digital pressure gauge product for the automotive industry. PCB assembly and Plastic Injection Molding capabilities required. Please Respond to:
Name: Sausalito Ventures CA

8 bit embedded controller manufacture ( your one chip solutoin prvider ) [Announce]10/29/99
King Billion Electronics Inc. 8 bit microcontroller with features of 1) speed up to 8Mhz operation. 2) small to 4Mbyte large Rom size for storage of speech and data. 3) D/A and PWM output for speech. 4) large I/O drive. 5) small to 4000 dots large LCD drive. We provide engineering support and free development tools lending. Contact us for more detail Address : 1818, Gilgreth Road, Suite 228, Burlingame, CA94010 Tel : (650)259 9988, Fax (650) 2599999 Martin Ly Marketing Manager
Name: Martin Ly CA
Homepage: http://

PCB boards wanted [Looking_for]10/29/99
I am looking for someone that can make quality PCboards. I am just starting out and I am looking at getting between 10 and 100 boards made. All I have is a hand drawn schematic the size of the board would be 5 x 2 7/8" and have around 100 holes, single sided. Please help out a new business.
Name: Dan Canada
Homepage: http://

Printed Circuit Boards [Announce]10/22/99
We represent manufacturers from China / Taiwan and can offer you (Bare) Printed Circuit Boards at competitive prices. Brief details of the facilities are: Established in 1990. Three plants - 1 in Taiwan and 2 in China ISO9002 approved Monthly Capacity: Single sided 60K sq ft Double sided 200,000 sq ft 4, 6, 8 layer 20,000 sq ft Markets: HK 55% China 20% Europe 10% Singapore 8% Malasia 5% Industry: Consumer 26% Telecom 29% Peripherals 19% Instruments 19% Automobiles 7% Customers: Asahi (Casio) group; COB Technology; British Telecom; BTC Taiwan; Yokogawa; IPO for Japanese MNCs; ABB; Volvo Min track width and track spacing: 5 mil Min Hole size : 12 mil We would be happy to receive your RFQs with Gerber files. We welcome small / medium volumes. Thank you. Best Regards V. J. Pathak Tel: 91 (0)20 4228806. Fax: 91 (0)20 4227653 e-mail:
Name: V. J. Pathak India
Homepage: http://

Computer monitor in SKD form [Looking_for]10/19/99
Looking for supplier of computer monitor in SKD form who can deliver it to Ukraine for assemlay in territory of Ukraine.
Name: Arthur Polegenko Ukraine
Homepage: http://

Computer Cleaning [Looking_for]10/18/99
SAB are based in Milton Keynes, England. We will clean, refurbish and re-spray, computers, monitors, printers and keyboards. We also ultrasonically clean small and medium sized parts. Degreasing and low level repairs is also catered for. The company was formed some 30 years ago and are experienced in the cleaning of products as diverse as PCBs, PCs, cash tills, telephones to electric grid banks onunderground trains.
Name: Reg Hudson UK

Mini Transformer needed [Looking_for]10/05/99
I am looking for a mini transformer that steps up 1k ct to 200k. Something like what they use in stun guns. I needed it for automotive application. I am looking to purchase in quantity.
Name: Eddie Sy NZ
Homepage: http://

Printed circuit board maufacture - TekniCircuits inc. [Announce]09/30/99
Manufacturing quality, quick turn prototypes since 1970 in the USA. 24 hour turn around available. Multi layer counts to 16, SMT, SMOBC, AOI, HASL, LPI all electrical testing done at NO additional cost. 1.800.732.6809 In Florida call 904-827-0093. Send gerber files via e-mail or ftp. Try our quick quote sheet on the web. 10% discount for 10 day payments. VISA & Mastercard accepted
Name: Ed Ashe Florida

ANALOG DEVICE AD 8400 AR 10 [Looking_for]09/29/99
Hello the distributor of our company told us yesterday that he is not able to deliver the above mentioned item on time next week, but 10 weeks later. We do need urgently 6.500 pcs. of this item until October 06, 1999. Is there anybody and holding stock in that product to help us? Best Regards Guenther Schomann CULLMANN GMBH Kapell-Leite 2 90579 Langenzenn TEL +49 -(0)9101-7000 FAX +49 - (0)9101-70045
Name: Guenther Schomann Germany
Homepage: http://

10bit 40MHz ADCs (unpackaged) [Looking_for]09/29/99
Dear Sirs, the Institute for High Energy Physics at University Heidelberg is constructing an Trigger System for a high energy experiment. Therefore we need highspeed ADC's with a resolution of 10 Bits and a sampling rate of 40 MHz. The ADC should have a small latency of < 3 clock cycles. And to make things even more dificult we need to have dice to be mounted on Multi-Chip-Modules. We especially interested in the ADC's from AnalogDevices or Maxim AD9040, AD9020 (60 MHz), MAX 1161. We need `only` something between 10.000 and 15.000 pieces. To mount them on a multi-chip-module we need dice. Is there a distributor for dice who has the chips or some that are compareable?
Name: Michael Keller Germany
Homepage: http://

High Voltage Assembly Packaging [Looking_for]09/27/99
Reynolds Industries Inc., Santa Maria CA can do your high voltage layout, packaging and the manufacturing for you as well as supply HV mica capacitors (50pF thru 4uF), voltage multipliers (3 thru 160kV) and spark gaps (90V thru 20kV). Short lead times and cost effective NRE/NRT. Voice 805 928 5866 x11 fax 805 922 3601
Name: Jim McCoskey California

High Voltage Assembly Packaging [Announce]09/27/99
Reynolds Industries Inc., Capacitor Products Division of Santa Maria, CA will do your high-voltage layout, packaging and assembly for you as well as providing hi-rel HV mica capacitors (50pF thru 4uF 2 thru 60kV), voltage mulitpliers (3 thru 160kV to 8mA and spark gaps 90V thru 20kV. Short lead times and very cost effective NRE/NRT. Voice 805 928 5866x11 fax 805 922 3601
Name: Jim McCoskey California

Guernsey Electrical contractor [Looking_for]09/17/99
I am looking for an electrical contractor who could carry out some security installation work on our behalf. Also looking for a civil contracter who could install some pole bases and ducting.Works are in Guernsey,Channel Islands
Name: Paul Simons UK
Homepage: http://

Dear Sires, We will be very pleased to take care of your inquiries in our products. Yes, we could provide the well-made Welding M/C, E-Heating M/C, Wire Straightening M/C, Coil Winding M/C, Cage Forming M/C..etc. with reliable quality. Please contact us for details and quotation. ( Please let us know your requirements and look forward to hearing from you soon.) Fax:886-2-2672-2187 Contact person: Margaret Fan / Asst.M.Manager
Name: Taiwan Lisa Engineering Corp. Taiwan

Semitech Electronics, help us help you [Misc]09/14/99
Semitech Electronics has just opened a branch in Neptune NJ...We are an independent stocking distributor of electronic components who specializes in shortages, hard to find and obsolete product. Availability to search the world. We also buy your excess inventory. Excessive stock in Rohm product we can save you $$ on all Rohm. Help us to help you, you won't be sorry you did. Semitech Electronics Corp. P-732-775-3004 F-732-775-3007
Name: Jackie New Jersey
Homepage: http://

Wanted - Your Entire Company or Division [Misc]09/11/99
Dear Owners, Are you in the process of executing a retirement plan or want to sell your company assets in part or whole? Or your are looking for funds to expand your facility? We can help. We are Mergers and Acquisition specialists. Our specialty including company valuation, corporate finance and M&A services. We help public or privately held companies to engage all kinds of corporate finance activities. Established companies with at least 5 million USD sales, please. US based companies preferred. WEB URL:
Name: Jack Wan NJ
Homepage: http://

$$$ I recommend TesterSangyo's products $$$ [Misc]09/05/99
Hi all, I recommend the following Web site opened Tester Sangyo Co., Ltd. to all. URL: I am sure you can get a useful info.(products info). so, please visit the sitelight-heartedly!! Note: #1: Corporate Name: Tester Sangyo Co., Ltd. #2: Business Contents: Manufacture for designing and making of testing apparatus for FILM,PLASTIC, PACKING, ADHESION, GLUEING, PAPER, PULP, PAINT, INK, RUBBER, FIBER, BATTERY. Thanks&Regards, M.Ozawa,
Name: TesterSangyo (rgst. M.Ozawa) JPN

8 bit microcontroller supplier [Looking_for]08/31/99
We are a manufacture of 8 bit embedded controller dedicated for electronic toys, LCD game and consumer products. Our controller can provide multi-channel speech, melody, large LCD drive, DTMF etc. visit our web site for detail.
Name: Martin USA

Running Capacitors for a.C. Motors [Announce]08/30/99
Our factory is specialized in the production of A.C. motor capacitors. Now we have passed the quality system certification of ISO9002, and CCEE, UL, CSA certification. We are applying for VDE and CE certification. Usage: 1.used in household appliances, such as air-condition, washing machine, refrigerator, fluorescent lamp, fanner, etc. 2.used in electric motor, such as single-phase motor, pump motor, industrial sewing motor, etc. For more information please visit our homepage
Name: Xiaoyu Zhou CN
Homepage: helps buyers find parts and sell excess inventory. [Looking_for]08/29/99 wishes to extend a free trial membership to Contract Electronics manufacturers. We assist buyers in located parts they need to purchase. We have over 1500 distributor members eager to help you. Log on to for details
Name: New York

Contract Manufacturer for Electronic Assembly [Announce]08/26/99
Newstar Technology provides Contract Manufacturing Services for the Electronics Industry. The factory is ISO9001 certified and is located in China. Best cost control solution for offshore manufacturing and Suitable for all electronic products assembly production. Newstar Technology has full range capabilities from SMT, BGA, Insertion, to Plastic Injection.
Name: Raymond Ng Hong Kong

PCB layout design services [Announce]08/24/99
Professional PCB design services from Hong Kong over 5yrs. Fast, high quality and low price. Our customers from Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, USA and Canada. Please visit our site and you will know more.
Name: Aka Ho Hong Kong

Printed Circuit Boards [Announce]08/24/99
prototype thru production pcb's. ss,ds and up to 32layers on fr-4 or most materials. we represent 5 different companies, we are not brokers's. call (602)578-5806 fax (480)786-5730
Name: Pat O'Connell George Miller AZ
Homepage: http://

RF tuner blocks and video display assemblies [Looking_for]08/21/99
I have a requirement for an OEM display system and an OEM RF module. If your systems do not entirely match the following loose specification I would still like to hear from you. Display system =========== A sub system to be used as an osciloscope and spectrum analyser display. May be CRT based (electrostatic deflection only) or LCD. X and Y inputs to be DC coupled, with a fixed input range of 0-5V and a frequency response of around 10mHz per axis, Z modulation input, linear modulation, (positive or negative) 0-5V, frequency response DC-30mHz. Preferable display size around 150mm x 200mm. Should preferably be powered from 12VDC. ... snip ...
Name: Steve Andrew Australia
Homepage: http://

Looking for agents [Manufacturer]08/14/99
I am seeking agents in all countries for a variety of different analysers/instruments. have a look at my web site for details. Customized solutions are available
Name: Peter Grey AU

About Dalatec Corporation [Manufacturer]08/14/99
Dalatec is a diversified rep/distributor/consultant. Focused in: Clean Room Applications EMI/Static Protection Security Systems: Motion Control/CCTV Electronic components: Especially passive/discrete/electromechanical Lines Involved With: SAE POWER 3M Texwipe Concord Illinois Capacitor US Crystal Optex Lytron
Name: Dalatec New York US

Assembly and testing TH & SMT boards [Manufacturer]08/07/99
We are the ideal partner for those companies that are looking to make electronic boards (all type) with an hi quality standard. If you are interested in our service contact me or visit our website
Name: claudio carnevali Italy

Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer [Manufacturer]08/05/99
Specialist in quick-turnaround PCB jobs. With customers like, Compaq, Texas Instruments, NASA, Schlumberger, etc.. Over a decade of industry experience. The site contains contact info, quotes, service info and equipment info.
Name: Rohan Jasani TX

distributorship [Manufacturer]08/03/99
Dear Sirs, As a manufacturer of trimmer capacitor in korea, We would like to take a chance to introduce ourselves. We are now looking for distributor internationally, and you can see all details of our company in our web site. Thanks.
Name: Boggie Lim KR

Looking for an Agent [Manufacturer]08/03/99
Dear Reader, We are currently looking to expand our global presence by establishing agent/representative presence. We are a contract manufacturer for electronic & electo-mechanical products, as well as cable harness manufacture. Our headquarters are in Hong Kong and our factory is in South China. Please contact me if you are interested.
Name: Ayal Amitai Hong Kong
Homepage: [Agent]07/26/99
Marketing consultant specializing in high-tech capital equipment manufacturing. Background in packaging, industrial, medical, electro-optical and laser applications. We develop market plans, market analysis, comparative analyses and budgets for national and international clients. We can reorganize marketing operations of direct sales people, reps or distributors. We train sales people, customers, and service people and launch advertising and promotion campaigns including trade show exhibits.
Name: Energy Associates

About MeterLink [Manufacturer]07/24/99
MeterLink International Limited is based in Airth, Central Scotland, the company designs, develops, manufactures and supports electronic products and remote metering products with power line carrier(PLC)communications on board for the Utility supply industry. Our products are designed to enable electricity and metering to be planned and managed more effectively. We have now completed design of our three phase meter with PLC on board which can be used on our automatic meter reading system (AMR)
Name: MeterLink International Ltd. UK

NEC COMPONENTS [Manufacturer]07/23/99
Able to supply NEC semiconductors to any parties interested. Components are direct from the factory.
Name: Daryl Chan Singapore
Homepage: http://