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INTEL Flash File Memory - DT28F016SV - 80 [Buy]01/17/00
We are a medical device remanufacturer and have a specific need for Intel FlashFile Memory. We are buying all quantities (upwards of 30,000 ea)of: Intel Part Number: DT28F016SV-80 If you have this part available, please respond to us at email address: Please include in your correspondences: Your contact information, parts condition -either new or used, available quantity, and your asking price. We prefer this item new, but may make consideration for used parts. Our buyer will contact you within 24 hours upon receipt of the information requested. Thank You.

Crystal SMD 7x5mm 10 Mhz [Buy]01/14/00
Need SMD crystals max 7,5x5,1 mm 10,000Mhz, any brand. Quantity up to 2000 pieces. Please reply fast, as this is urgent.
Name: Seested Denmark
Homepage: http://

Buy Used Electronic Components, Computer Mainboard [Buy]01/13/00
Name: Gina Hong Kong
Homepage: http://

Watlow Anafaze 8 Ch Temp Controllers & PC104 Stuff [Sell]01/11/00
Watlow Anafaze 8 CH temp controllers, used, list probably $500-$1000, my auctions starting at $99. AMPRO PC104 Core module, LCD controller & Color LCD panel. Auction starts at $299. Please see my auctions on eBay for pictures & more details.
Name: Bill PA

wanted surplus desoldering & soldering [Buy]01/10/00
wanted surplus pace deolder stations pps100 etc.mbt100,101,200,201,210,220, mbt250 also any pace handpieces,solder pencis,repair parts etc. wanted surplus weller solder stations, pencils,tips,repair parts etc. also hakko,hexacon,metcal,wahl. call jim 310 515-2058 or e mail at thanks
Name: jim behar california
Homepage: http://

I need 6-pin DIN jacks (pc Mount) [Buy]01/10/00
I am looking for a few 6-pin din jacks that are pc board mount. Normal size (not mini).Email me with a reply. I've tried several companies, but no luck.
Name: James Toucey CA

for sale: hot air rework machine [Sell]01/10/00
hart200a by nu concept systems. does smd,thru hole anything soldered on pc board.solders/unsolders.adj. temp. dual hot air jets upper & lower.doesn't use expensive heads for each parts for unit are cheap.costs $3000 nu sell for $700 excellent cond. have shopmanuel & demo video. call jim at 310 515-2058 or e mail at thanks
Name: jim behar california
Homepage: http://

WTB: Components [Buy]01/09/00
Looking for large quantities of the following components: 82S126 PROM 82S141 PROM 4116 RAM 2114 RAM 5114 RAM TDA2002 Audio Amp TMS5220CNL Sound Chip TMS5220NL Sound Chip
Name: Adam CA
Homepage: http://

want 27C011 eproms [Buy]01/09/00
hello there, I'm looking to buy some 27C011 Eproms for a personal project. Please let me know if you have any you'd consider selling me. thank you
Name: skipp California

Components For Sale [Sell]01/09/00
Optrex DFM50316NF-FW1 D/C1998 (70) $40.00 ea. Intel A80485DX-25 D/C1989 (500) $4.50 ea. Intel A80486SX-33 D/C1989 (500) $4.50 ea. ITP W1258V168-06 D/CWPR9510D USA (15000) .70 ea. ITP CL513300J-06 D/C422SF484 USA (15000) .70 ea. ITP CL514400J-07 D/CPRO9501EE USA (15000) .70 ea. TDK CKA-M10M-L D/C1997 (565) $2.50 ea. Molex 22-42-3050 D/C1996 (600) .09 ea. Molex 09-65-2028 D/C1996 (700) .15 ea. Methode 3100-9-105-37 D/C1996 (500) .15 ea. [ snip ] Prices in USD Phone #858/578-8710 FAX:858/578-5071 John M. Banks
Name: John M. Banks California
Homepage: http://

ULTIBOARD V5.6 for sale [Sell]01/07/00
Anybody interested in a ULTIBOARD schematic capture + router, type Entry designer V5.6 (upgraded to about current version Challenger) ?? Perfectly capable of doing real professional layouts. Package includes hardware dongle, manuals, CD's etc......Brandnew (well.....almost anyway ! ;-) ). I am stopping a profitable hobby, so it must go out for an acceptable offer. It's a fully legal version, no cracks involved, so it can and may be used in an enterprise without any problem whatsoever. You can mail me directly if interested [ snip ]
Name: peter belgium
Homepage: http://

Six-foot dia Microwave Parabolic Antennae [Sell]01/07/00
For Sale: Solid parabolic microwave antennae, incl dish, feedhorn, mounting hdwr incomplete. 6.425-7.125 GHz. 6' dia. Single polarized. Gain 35.9(lo)-36.8(hi) dBi. Beam width 2.5 deg. Front/back ratio 47 dB. VSWR 1.10 max. Flange CPR137G. RFS Cablewave, Mod PA6-65 Part No 302082. Qty avail: 4 ea. Located central Virginia. Price $500 obo. (Whsl $1435.60) Posted for friend. Call him at 804-293-9244.
Name: Rbt Craighurst VA

Surplus Programmable Logic [Sell]01/04/00
I have a nice variety of surplus programmable logic for sale including Actel, Altera, AMD, Lattice and Xilinx. I will fully guarantee everything. No minimum purchase. Offers accepted. Also have lots of discreet logic, test equipment, bench and rack mount power supplies, etc. (707) 996-0108
Name: Steve Sweet California

WTB - SAW & other software for HP 16500C [Buy]01/02/00
Other than System software, which I have, does anyone want to recycle their SAW or other HP Logic Analyzer software? Tell me what you have. Also interested in PowerPC probes for same.
Name: Richard Fryer CA
Homepage: http://

WTB: Tektronix P5200 High Voltage Differential Probe [Buy]01/02/00
Hi all, If you have this item sitting somewhere gathering dust please sell it to me. Please reply with best price and the condition of the item. Thanks, Ted
Name: Tedric Soh Canada
Homepage: http://

Need: HP8753B 3.0 FirmWare, [Buy]12/30/99
Hello, Would like to upgrade my 8753B with 3.0 firmware - Since this equipment is not handled anymore, can forward me via email the Bin image of the 4 system Eproms - Thank you in advance and happy new year. 73 de Daniel F1TDI.
Name: Daniel France
Homepage: http://

WS 19 set [Sell]12/28/99
Collectors item: I have one WS 19 set found in a storage. Is someone interested in this old TX/RX from Worldwar II ?? ( for a reasonable price) / the set is not complete,I have only the main unit with all original valves. please email if you are interested, but be aware; this thing weights nearly 20kgs.
Name: Eric De Nocker Belgium
Homepage: http://

WTB: 0-5A DC Ammeters [Buy]12/27/99
I need two 0-5A DC edgewise meters approx. .75 by 1.5 inches.
Name: Dale VA
Homepage: http://

Sony TAD-M30 Stereo [Buy]12/27/99
Wanted to buy: Sony TAD-M30 stereo. For sale only in Japan, and I'd like to get one here in the USA. Thanks!
Name: Matthew Martin Washington
Homepage: http://

EDO Ram Modules 16MB [Sell]12/24/99
To SELL REF.: TW1218. 16 MB EDO RAM MODULE 60 NS, 72 PIN BRAND-NEW QUALITY WARRANTY BEST LOW PRICE: Email us for details with best prices OFFER POSTED BY: Name: David ha Company: Towa Technology Ltd. Hong Kong Tel: 852-2142 9362 Fax: 852-2264 8872 Email:
Name: David xia
Homepage: http://

EL4583CS [Buy]12/24/99
Wanted 100 peices elantec EL4583CS
Name: Danny UK
Homepage: http://

Allen Bradley SLC 5/04 [Buy]12/22/99
Wanted to lease or buy. Allen Bradley SLC 5/04 processor. Short term need but would be willing to buy for the right price.
Name: Jerry Iowa

SMA Accessory Kits and Tektronix P6150 9 GHz Probe [Sell]12/20/99
SMA..Accessory Kits.(Tektronix PN # 020-1693-00). Includes BNC adapters, Attenuators, Power Divider, Semi-rigid cables, loads, shorts wrench etc. in carrying case…Current List Price $ 3082... Sale. $ 1235... P6150 9 GHz, Lo Z, 50 ohm passive probe…1X, 10X Tips, board adapters, Case.. Current List $ 1250.... Sale. $ 500
Name: Roger Williams New York
Homepage: http://

CRT Goldstar + Nec x monitor [Buy]12/20/99
Ricerco i seguenti tubi catodici (CRT) per monitor industriali: - Nec mod. 320CGB22-TC01 - Goldstar mod. M34KVU20XX
Name: Digital Service ITALY
Homepage: http://

Wanted to Buy: Philips PCF7930CP/25 [Buy]12/20/99
I am looking for some hundreds of PCF7930CP/25 from Philips. They are RFID 125 KHz transponders in a 25 mm diameter/ 5 mm thick plastic housing. Let me know how many you have, and how much you want for them. Thank you.
Name: Alberto Pellizzari Italy
Homepage: http://

Name: SOMMEN BV Netherlands
Homepage: http://

Heathkit Model 10-12 O-scope [Sell]12/17/99
This was given to me by my Aunt after my Uncle passed on. Being a Music guy I guess she though I would want it. It appears to be in good condition, looks like what all you tech types use The Frq. Vernier goes from 0 to 100.. same with the gain. the Hor./Freq. Selector 10 100 1000 10KC 100KC 500KC hope that helps . $90.00 is the asking price email for more info, all I can do is tell you what it says on the front. possibly a picture to you. I know it works.
Name: Toby Steele Michigan
Homepage: http://

DC drive [Buy]12/17/99
Need a dc drive for the following motor: Lewis Allis, 240vdc, shunt wound, 1150/3450 rpm,20.6 amps, 120 vdc field, 1.1/.27 amps. .85 ohm resistance.
Name: Claude Martin Arizona
Homepage: http://

pps15 portable radar system [Sell]12/16/99
I have for sale pps-15 portable radar unit, used by military and sold as surplus, I have spare units for parts but am selling only servicable ones, tripod,cables,disp. battery,headset,transit case,manual. will measure moving target distance to 3000 meters $900.00us plus shipp 1-519-367-2771 all tested..
Name: bill reuber canada
Homepage: http://

Power Start Car Starter [Sell]12/16/99
Power Start P-9000, three in one... Car starter, engine cut off and alarm system. Top of the line from Power Start! Works only with 5 speed manual transmissions. Used only 14 months. Reason for selling: Just bought an automatic. Price: 200$ US plus shipping. ( I paid over 500$ Canadian for it!) Shipped from Montréal QC Canada E-mail me at :
Name: Antonio Paventi Canada

Tubes for sale [Sell]12/16/99
Unused tubes for sale: 5R4GY , Calverton - Holland 5R4GY , CEI - USA 5R4WGY , Chatham - USA 6B4G , CEI - USA 6C4 , Raytheon - Japan 6SL7GT , CEI - USA 12SN7GTA , Sylvania - USA 211(VT4C) , RCA Apr.1943. 211(VT4C) , General Electric 811A , CEI - USA 813 , RCA Sep.1943. 813 , RCA 829B ,CEI Holland E80L(SQ) , Phillips E80L , CEI Holland E80F(SQ) , Phillips E90CC(SQ) , Phillips GZ-34/5AR4 , CEI
Name: Zoran Marjanovic Yu
Homepage: http://

FOR SALE: TEKTRONIX 466 O-SCOPE [Sell]12/16/99
For sale: Tektronixs 466 100 mhz. storage oscilloscope 2 channel. Great condition, includes instruction manual. Bargain priced at $300.00 plus shipping.
Name: csfd
Homepage: http://

tek and hp scopes for sale [Sell]12/14/99
i have the following scopes for sale: tek 2465 300mhz analog scope for $950.00. tek 222 10mhz handheld storage for $300.00. hp54201d 300mhz scope/logic analyzer for $700.00. e-mail for details to
Name: ward fiebiger mn
Homepage: http://

WTD : Fluke 9010A Micro System Troubleshooter [Buy]12/11/99
The subject line says it all really. I'm after a working Fluke 9010A. Preferrably with 6502, 6809, Z80 and 8080 PODs. If you can help then let me know.
Name: Peter Scotland
Homepage: http://

Intel 430MX Chipsets [Buy]12/09/99
We are looking for: Motherboard - part no. 430MX Chip Set The motherboard should consists of SB 82437 MX 66 (REVBO) and SB 82438 MX (MTDP), Intel. Quantity: 1,000pcs/order Leadtime: Immediate. Please email quote with leadtime. CIP Singapore. Please state if you are reseller, distributor or wholesaler. Quantum Ferro Singapore WH Sim Tel: (65) 346 0931 Fax: (65) 346 0209 Mobile: (65) 9796 6856
Name: WH Sim Singapore
Homepage: http://

Test Equipment/Lan Equipment [Sell]12/09/99
-Microtest MT350 w/Super Injector. Still in shrink wrap. Case, cables, manuals included. This unit alone is $1800.00+ on the web. -Xylogics LTS 325 lan terminal server -Siecor OM-IOUF optical meter/missing power supply. -Plaintree WaveSwitch/100mb intelligent switch. Make me an offer on individual pieces or the whole lot. As it stands right now I'd part with entire lot for $1800.00. Bank check or money order. You pay shipping. Price the pieces. This is a give away!!!
Name: John USA
Homepage: http://

Used Electronics Equipment for Sale [Sell]12/08/99
LAM 490 Autoetcher, Eaton Nova 2200,ALCATEL GIR 220, FSI, BALZERS BAK600 Box Coaters, APT Wet Processor, POLARON Evaporator, COBALT Aligner, DYNAPERT MPS 2500
Name: Christine Danielou England

Sharp VCR PCB for VC-A30 Please Please [Buy]12/07/99
I have a customers VCR (Sharp VC-A30) with a broken front PCB - The right hand side which contains the display and Chanel UP/Down, Tracking, Colour mode etc. Too many fine tracks to bridge reliably and customer realy wants it fixed. Part no longer available from manufacturer Please help me out if you can thank you, Sam T.
Name: Sam T Australia
Homepage: http://

P82510 Intel [Buy]12/06/99
I'm looking for refurbs It must be the Intel Dil Package. i'm looking for 320 asap with written gaurantee. Thank you Ulrich
Name: Ulrich Gauteng, South Africa
Homepage: http://

WTB Singer MF5-VR4b spectrum analyser manual [Buy]12/06/99
I found a manual for the mainframe but need the circuit diagram for the 1khz-27.5mhz plugin module marked "Alfred VR-4b video module". Unit seems in good condition but I have no trace on the scope. Has anybody used this unit? Any comments.. I would like to use it as an HF band scope (hooked to an external antenna) to monitor HF propagation.
Name: Lawrence Glaister Canada

FS: 800 Amp Fuses [Sell]12/05/99
NEW Gould Shawnut 'Amptrap' #A4BY800 Form 480--800 AMP fuses >>Extremely heavy duty<< Each fuse is a class L with interrupting rating 200,000 amps. These large amp fuses currenty have a retail price of over $300 each. Now is the time to stock up and save a lot of money-approximately 120 each available. Will sell individually or the entire lot.
Name: Richard FL
Homepage: http://

TUBES AVAILABLE [Sell]12/05/99
TUBES AVAILABLE I currently have over 300,000 tubes in stock. Have a good selection of both new and used/tested tubes for audio, CB & HAM radio, TV, CRT use. Sorry I do not have a Web Site nor a price list. Suggest that you Email or Fax me with the tubes that you are looking for along with the quantify of each needed. I will check my inventory and advise you of current availability and cost. In addition, I also have a very good selection of tube testers, tube caddies and good used CB/HAM equipment. Please contact me regarding your needs. Thank you for your consideration. Richard Hale THE TUBE MAN 902 Lothian Dr. Tallahassee, FL. 32312 850 386-2729-Phone 850 386-2560-Fax
Name: Richard FL
Homepage: http://

Need PM6666 counter service manual [Sell]12/03/99
I need a copy of the service manual for a Fluke (Phillips) PM6666 counter. If anybody has one, please email me with the info. I would be happy to pay materials and time. Thanks, Tracy
Name: Tracy Hooker nm
Homepage: http://

I sell used computer equipment [Sell]12/03/99
currently in stock 2 SGI servers challange L mdl # SGD48604-S4 512 mb mem 17 gb HD and more Also 153 Crystal Group rack mount pc's 5 slot passive backplane fault tollerant overheat alarm used in the CTI VOIP world 40% of cost new
Name: charles McNeil Ma
Homepage: http://

WTB: CalComp 563 or 565 plotter [Sell]12/03/99
Please e-mail if you have such a plotter for sale.
Name: John Canada
Homepage: http://

Need Adapter DC in 5V with 800mA [Buy]12/03/99
The adapter was for the MINIDISC Lithium battery charger. But it seems it was burned. So I was wondering if I can replaced it. I'll pay $10 for the adapter. I only need 1.
Name: Rick Hwang NY
Homepage: http://

WANTED TO BUY: Tube testers and tube analyzing equipment. [Buy]12/03/99
WANTED: Vacuum tube testers, tube analyzing and curve tracing equipment. Also looking for adapters, original manuals, etc. Any condition, working or not. Thanks, Ed
Name: Ed Wilmart IN
Homepage: http://

UAA1016B [Buy]12/02/99
I'm looking for some UAA1016B. Please email or call me if you have some or know where I can buy them. price: make an offer! ph: +45 74885560 fax: +45 74883849
Name: Jan Schmidt Denmark
Homepage: http://

Pre-Owned RF & Microwave Signal Sources for Sale [Sell]12/01/99
**Function checked, reliable pre-owned signal sources** 2-18GHz Signal Generator; HP-8672A Starting Bid/Price: $2,000 Quantity Available: 1 End Date: 12/2/99 12:00:00 PM 100kHz-2115MHz Synthesized Signal Generator; HP-8642B Starting Bid/Price: $11,000 Quantity Available: 1 End Date: 12/7/99 12:00:00 PM 100kHz-2560MHz Synthesized Signal Generator; HP-8663A Starting Bid/Price: $15,000 Quantity Available: 1 End Date: 12/7/99 12:00:00 PM 10kHz-1.28GHz Synthesized Signal Generator; HP-8662A Starting Bid/Price: $11,000 Quantity Available: 1 End Date: 12/7/99 12:00:00 PM 2GHz-20GHz Synthesized Sweeper; HP-83624A Starting Bid/Price: $11,000 Quantity Available: 1 End Date: 12/7/99 12:00:00 PM
Name: Pat Kelly PA

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