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Electromagnetic FEA Software [Sell]01/17/00
Great electromagnetic finite element analysis software package. Free fully-functional CD or ftp download available on request. For details just e-mail me.
Name: Alessandra Sitzia England
Homepage: http://

A first! web based maintenance management software [Sell]01/17/00
The first complete online maintenance management software system. From January 1 2000 until February 29 2000 (inclusive) are offering their award winning opms and opms lite maintenance management software with an unlimited number of users for the same price as you would normally pay for 3 named users. are providers of the award winning, first complete internet/intranet based computerized maintenance management system. A no [ snip ]
Name: Delaware

USD40/pc Digital Camera with USB port, [Sell]01/11/00
Distributor Wanted! ODM electronic manufacturer in HONG KONG. Pacific Canaan Limited. Fax:+852 2174 1838 Phn: +852 2174 1238 Mr. Paul KWOK
Name: Paul Kwok Hong Kong
Homepage: http://

Trying to find Tawain Manufact. VULCAN [Buy]01/10/00
A company by name of Vulcan - makes a router speed control - I need to buy them in quantity. Anyone knowing Vulcan in Taiwan - please have them email me or fax me at USA 303-465-6013. Thanks
Name: Jim Actor USA
Homepage: http://

Hot air rework systems...PC board repair stations [Sell]01/10/00
Need to rework BGA's, QFP, Flip chips, and various other smt parts....check us out! With and without vision! LCD repair....checkout our Bondmaster machine! Solder paste, flux, BGA reball kits, solder iron stations....check out our
Name: David Kennedy FL

Printed Circuits Boards. Maniufacturing and design [Sell]01/10/00
Electronic Substrate Systems Inc. We fabricate and supply the interconnect systems used in virtually all electronic assemblies. This encompasses not only the design, manufacturing and resale of printed circuit boards, but also development, distribution and research into substrate improvements. Whether you require simple single sided circuit boards, complex multi-layer high density circuit boards or specialized substrate material systems, we pride ourselves on maintaining leading edge technologies. From low volume, high complexity, fast turn circuit boards to high volume, cost sensitive circuit boards, our staff is well prepared to assist you in any requirements you may have.
Name: Ruben Lopez Canada

The most advanced MP3 Player [Sell]01/06/00
[ The most advanced MP3 Player ] MP WOW leads to MP3 Plyer's age. 1. Surround sound using EFFECT button like theater. You can enjoy both CD sound and Surround sound. 2. The size of a pager(25g) 3. Using MMC Card : 8M, 16M, 32M( will be produced Feb,2000) 64M (will be produced at the end of 2000) 4. Specialized Accessories (Velcro, necklace, etc) Unique and convenient ... snip ... For more detailed info, please visit e-mail : If there is any other question, do not hesitate to contact me.
Name: Dong- Woo korea(south)

wanted [Buy]01/03/00
wanted any fanuc parts and robots must be cheap working or not
Name: neil ginley west yorkshire
Homepage: http://

Palm Pilot Handheld MMI, HMI Software for PLC by Narly Software [Sell]01/03/00
Palm Pilot / Palm Computing Based Industrial Human Machine Interface, Handheld HMI, MMI Software - Connect to AB plc, Mitsubishi, Modicon, Modbus protocol, PLC Direct, GE PLCs with your Palm Connected Organizer - only US$195!
Name: Clifford Jones CA

Karnaugh Map automatic simplification program for Windows for sale [Sell]01/02/00
Automatic Karnaugh map simplification program KarnaughMap 3.2 for Windows has just been released. This version adds to the earlier version the ability to handle don't cares and redraw the ovals according to the expression the user clicked on.
Name: Russell Sasamori Massachusetts

Have pre-qualified buyers find you fast! [Bizop]12/29/99
Expose your company and capabilities to over 850,000 pre-qualified buyers by using the power of the Thomas Regional Directory's Multi-Media program. Print,CD-ROM,internet. Let the world know who you are and where you are. Contact me to find out how you can have a 2page,4 color brochure ad on Thomas Regional's web site for free, for one year (depending on where you are) 847-295-7993 847-295-7994 fax
Name: Jim Lockett/Thomas Regional Directory Ill.
Homepage: http://

diode IN4007 [Buy]12/29/99
send me the best prices minimun quantity order time period etc
Name: prakash dhumavat india
Homepage: http://

Free Online Electronics Products Information [Sell]12/28/99
Dear sir, If you want to get more update electronic news and price of semiconductor all over the world. The only web-site you need to go is Best regards ! Electronic Section Town Target Tech. Ltd. Tel : (852)2505-5838, (852)8128-9997 Fax : (852)2900-9813, (852)2505-8121
Name: Town Target Technology Limited Hong Kong

Software for Signal Analysis [Sell]12/24/99
Dataplore is the Swiss Army knife for data analysis, in particular for signal processing and time series analysis. It provides a large number of tools (standard math operations, statistics, spectral analysis, modeling, filtering, wavelets, nonlinear dynamics, coupling analysis etc.) that can be accessed either by a very convenient graphical user interface providing fast and efficient data handling and rendering, or via a powerful as well as easy to learn macro language. The program can also be used in batch mode for routine analysis on large amounts of data. DataPlore is a MUST for every professional being involved with empirical data analysis.
Name: Datan Germany
Homepage: offers free dervice to qualified OEM / CEM companies [Bizop]12/23/99 Scarsdale, New York 914-771-7300 plays a key role in Supply Chain management, an easy-to-use, interactive web site for the sale and procurement of electronic components is quickly approaching a membership of 2000 Franchise and Independent distributors and OEM / CEM buyers. "The rapid growth of the community clearly validates our strategy to bring all sectors of the electronics marketplace together on one site," says Chris Waters, co-founder and chief product designer. contains an interactive database with over 800 distributor inventories. ... snip ...
Name: New York

Precision LCR Meter [Sell]12/22/99
Why settle for less. New LCR Meter for under $2000. 12 Hz to 100 Khz in 503 continuously variable steps, .05% high measurement accuracy, 100 memory locations, R/Q, C/D, L/Q test modes, Absolute and delta measurements, 240 X 128 dot matrix LCD display, Test conditions and results shown on screen simultaneously, 5mv to 1.275V range in 5 mv steps, 2V DC internal bias , 30V DC max. external bias. 2 yr warranty. Also available 12 Hz to 10 KHz version. Call Today (800) 282-5632 for more information.
Name: Roger Williams New York

KC1047 and KC1042 [Buy]12/21/99
I am searching for the specifications for 2 transformers used in a schematic. I got Part numbers are KC1042 and KC1047 Any clue someone who makes them or here I can buy it?
Name: Didier Gibert Portugal

New and Used Test Equipment [Sell]12/20/99
We are a major Distributor of Quality New and Used Test Equipment. In New Equipment we specialize in Tektronix, LeCroy, and Instek. Check out the New Digital Oscilloscopes from Tektronix and LeCroy and the wide range of Power Supplies and General Purpose Instruments, including the new LCR and AC/DC/IR Electrical Safety Meter, from Instek. Any Used or Reconditioned instruments are offered with a full warranty for your protection
Name: Roger Williams New York

Remote Control Flying Saucer [Sell]12/16/99
The Remote Conrol Flying Saucer is not a kit. You receive it ready to fly. All you have to do is ad helium to the 3 ft. balloon envelope. Two or Three turbo fans control the saucers flight, depending on the model. Go to the web site listed below for full details, video of the saucer in flight, and technical information. The saucer has a range of over 200 feet. It is designed for indoor use and is powered by a 3 volt lithium battery. We also have a remote control Blimp !
Name: Gary Weiner New Jersey

Now! Components - Real eCommerce For Electronic Components [Sell]12/14/99 Now! Components provide a free international eCommerce service for sellers of electronic components, either new from manufacturers or excess stock. We will advertise you stock free of charge to the 500,000+ buyers who visit our site every month. With over $100 million of stock advertised every day, buyers are always welcomed, with absolutely no charges for registration with our service. Email us at if you require assistance.
Name: Jason Nunn England

Ball Grid Array (BGA) Class Offered [Bizop]12/14/99
American Competitiveness Institute ( is offering a "hands-on" Ball Grid Array (BGA) manufacturing and rework course on January 19 - 20, 2000. This 2-day course involves attaching, reworking, and repair of printed circuit boards utilizing BGA and MicroBGA chips. ACI is located in Philadelphia, PA. For more information, contact their Registrar at (610) 362-1295 or their Helpline at (610) 362-1320. Tell them where you heard about the course.
Name: Gordon Fraser Pennsylvania

Video-Sender [Buy]12/14/99
I am looking for alow cost Video sender for a college project Preferably in the UHF range
Name: Vijay Raju INDIA
Homepage: http://

Pager-like AM/FM Radio [Sell]12/13/99
Page-like AM/FM Radio. LCD Clock and station scanning. Great for outdoor activities.
Name: Cabarrus VA

Intel 430MX Chipsets [Buy]12/09/99
We are looking for: Motherboard - part no. 430MX Chip Set The motherboard should consists of SB 82437 MX 66 (REVBO) and SB 82438 MX (MTDP), Intel. Quantity: 1,000pcs/order Leadtime: Immediate. Please email quote with leadtime. CIP Singapore. Please state if you are reseller, distributor or wholesaler. Quantum Ferro Singapore WH Sim Tel: (65) 346 0931 Fax: (65) 346 0209 Mobile: (65) 9796 6856
Name: Philip Sim Singapore
Homepage: http://

list of radio frequency in Europe Police [Bizop]12/07/99
Hello, I'have a scanner and i research list of radio frequency of police in Europe or france or Swiss... Like you are, could you send me at my e-mail,please. Thank you and saslutations.
Name: jerome Switserland
Homepage: http://

Europes's Largest Surplus Store [Sell]12/06/99
Display Electronics now offers over 18,000,00 items on line via it's interactive website. Specialising in all types of surplus electronics, test & production equipment, power supplies, hardware and a daily changing inventory of over 5 million semiconductors. Established for over 25 years, Display will ship to any part of the World.
Name: Dave Fisher England

Transformers for resistance welding [Sell]12/05/99
Transgun transformers for manual or robot resistance welding in the automotive, white goods and other industries, 25 to 124 KVA, ISO style

New Product: Turns an ordinary VCR to Time Lapse VCR! [Sell]12/02/99
Interested in home security and video surveillance using any ordinary home VCR? Our newly designed VCR Commander enables any existing home security system to record an intruder's action on a home VCR. We specially designed the VCR Commander for the home security market. The VCR Commander is a low cost product with suggested retail price of US$49.95 and generous discount for large quantities. We are now looking for dealers and distributors who can effectively market the VCR Commander. If you are interested in distributing the VCR Commander or any of our other products please contact us. Thanks, Farshad.
Name: Farshad Nourozi New Zealand

power supply [Sell]11/29/99
We are a representative of a major power supply builder. We are specializing in larger power supply, standard or customer designed. Best Price and quality garanteed.
Name: allan/ Boston Business SVC MA
Homepage: http://

Computer Hardware for sale [Sell]11/28/99
Dear sir, Good morning! I can offer the nice price for the DIMM, let's see if we cna make some business. SDRAM DIMM, PC100 64MB, ACE/Iproc/Addon/NCP, 1,000pcs, USD 72.00/pc 128MB, ACE/Iproc/Addon/NCP, 1,000pcs, USD 148.00/pc FOB Hong Kong Stock Offer HP 920 Inkjet Printer Fax 1,200pcs USD 155.00/pc, MOQ 300pcs FOB Hong Kong 3-5 days 3COM 3C509B 500pcs USD 25.00/pc, FOB Hong Kong 3-4 days Please advise if you have interest! See u, Eric Leon Office T: 852-2578 1909 F: 852-2578 0937
Name: Eric Tse Hong Kong
Homepage: http://

Digital Video Recorder - 16 channels [Sell]11/26/99
DigiCop is digital video surveillance, monitoring, recording, remote viewing and WAN/LAN system. Check it out at:
Name: Charles Thiemann Washington, DC

Condenser Microphones from Russia [Sell]11/25/99
We manufacture and sell condenser mics for all professional purposes: TV, broadcasting, sound recording, bands, stage, studio,etc. We have long experience developing the mics for all factories in the former USSR. Dealers and wholesellers are welcome. End users can order by email.
Name: Alex Baranov 7

USB interface development [Sell]11/22/99
The USBSIMM provides a method to interface various circuit designs to the Universal Serial Bus. Compliance with the SimmStick(tm) format provides the benefit of quick and easy adaptation to the other SimmStick(tm) products. The USBSIMM card will allow rapid product development without the initial cost of USB development tools. USBSIMM contains an advanced 8051 with a USB serial interface engine. The microcontroller has 8k bytes of RAM internally, and is supplemented with 32k bytes of external RAM. The microcontroller sports two serial ports, several timers, an I2C engine, and 16+ port lines. This makes for a rather powerful SimmStick or small embedded control computer even if the USB port is used only for development.
Name: MN, U.S.A.

ST1-64 ver2 Free Basic Stamp 1 with 64 bytes available to download [Sell]11/22/99
ST1-64 is a virtual machine running on a PIC16C84 or PIC16F84 microcontroller that interprets the intermediate code, stored in the internal on-chip 64 byte EEPROM memory. The machine is fully compatible with Parallax Basic Stamp 1 Basic interpreter with the only exception - the program memory has only 64 bytes. Now the distribution includes its own compiler allowing both parallel port and serial port downloading. When using serial port downloading the systen does not need to be run under MS DOS and can be run also under Windows, WIn95 and Win98. The firmware and compiler can be downloaded free of charge.
Name: BSSClub US

New technology Portable Wireless Security Alarm,Design for the USA Department of Defense,Low price,Small Sized,Easy Use as 1-2-3,No Codes,No Wires, No Sensors,No Maintenance,No Electricity,No Installation.EASY TO USE & EASY TO SELL.
Homepage: http://

Self regulating Heating Cable [Bizop]11/16/99
Exporting Self Regulating Heating Cable. UL, CE Certified. Applications are, 1. Freeze protection of lines 2. Hot water line temperature keeping 3. Snow melting in ramps and driveways 4. Floor warming, etc. Further information, Thank you.
Name: SEYON Trading Co., Ltd. Korea

Electronics Worksheet [Sell]11/14/99
Its a set of worksheets for common tasks like power supply design, noise, attenuator values, tuned circuit calcs, matching networks, transistor bias etc. You SAVE the worksheets - any number, any mix in a project file and can pull up your work - and jottings at any time. Evaluation version download available. Free Pole-Zero to Bode plotter for download with examples.
Name: Electro Tools Australia

engraving [Sell]11/12/99
we are specialist in all types of engraving for the electrical industry. fron warning labels to control panels. from a 1off to 1000000 off. our prices are seldom beat our quality is never beaten. our deliveries are within 24 hours.see our web site for further details.
Name: Barrie Wearing england

Industrial and Electronics Photography [Sell]11/12/99
We can make electronics components look attractive! Using the latest digital technologies MSP Visual Communications can produce eye-catching publicity photos of your products. Check out our web site for more details.
Name: Michael Johnson UK

We sell PDAs to the world [Sell]11/05/99
We are a Dublin Based source for worldwide distribution of high-end Personal Organizers. Psion, HP, 3Com-Palm, Casio, Sharp All new, All UK models with 220V PSUs and English Instructions Mister Calculator +353-1-6798033 Tel 6798129 Fax
Name: Subhash IE
Homepage: http://

For Sale: Electronics Components in UK [Sell]11/01/99
For Sale: Electronic Components in the UK x5 [1p each] Grey Round 6.5mm Cable Clips x100 [1p each] 100 White Round Hiatt 5mm Cable Clips x100 [1p each] 100 White Round Hiatt 3.5mm Cable Clips x100 [1p each] 100 White Round Hiatt 2.75mm Cable Clips x79 [2p each] 121J N1500 Ceramic Capacitors x30 [5p each] Light Grey 4 Way PCB Mounted Terminal Blocks Pitch 0.2 Inch x14 [10p each] 30K Sliding Potentiometers, Length 5cm x185 [3p each] 47 Microfarads, 16V Electrolytic Capacitors Plus 50p P&P on any order. Email:
Name: David Ledgard England

data sheet of LM8365 [Bizop]11/01/99
Does anyone have the data sheet of LM8365 ic which is product of Sanyo Inc.It is a digital clock IC.
Name: Liew Malaysia
Homepage: http://

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