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Forum for technical information exchange.
Current Board: http://www.industrycommunity.com/ee/ee-1-next2/

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Some Notes:

  • Please use current board to make new discussion threads.
  • In the archives you still could post followups and make contribution to the knowledge base.
  • When you post a follow-up, our system will automatically send a notification to the person you reply to. Your follow-up, therefore, will not be missed, even if you post it long after the original message was posted.
  • There are a lot of message in this board. You are suggested to use our Site Search to find those topics interesting you and save your time.
  • Technology is so diversified that it is improper and also impossible to cover all the fields in a single forum. Therefore, if you have questions about some specific field, you are suggested to check our MyForum service first. You can find forums of specific fields hosted by our expert friends in that service. Those forums are visited by people of the same interest and expertise frequently. Therefore, it will be easier to get response if you expose your question there. You, however, could still post your question here but you might need to wait longer to get response.
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